eMule Xtreme 6.1

Posted: August 5, 2007 in Softwares

eMule Xtreme is a modification of the original eMule Xtreme filesharing client. It is its aim to use the bandwidth more efficiently and to enlarge the range of the functions. We have paid special attention to create a stable, resource saving mod.

Some facts about the Xtreme:

– High performance ed2k client
– one of the best-used eMule mods
– the upload and download are managed efficiently
– low resource using
– easy to handle
– many additional features
– many code-optimizations
– permanent further development
– Xtreme is free

Some of the main-features are:

– Maella Bandwidth control, calculates the real Overhead
– NAFC (network adapter feedback control)
– advanced Upload bandwidth throttler with adjustable slot speed
– Xtreme Download manager for a clever source-handling
– improved Xtreme-Credit system
– Power release with dynamic Hide OS
– IP to country – show country-flags
– Dynamic Leecher Protection (DLP)
– Multi-threaded disc access with threading-queue [view all features]

Change log:
– added AJ-community-detection by userhash* (by anonymous anti-leecher)
* this option will detect and ban really a lot of bad mods!
– added filefaker check
– added T-DSL 16000 to the wizard
– improved NAFC adapter finding: find the right adapter even with exotic network configurations
– improved wizard to choose better download / uploadlimits
– improved: prevent busy popup during windows startup (leuk_he)
– improved: kadliscontrol: show the filename immedately
– a lot of other small improvements
– changed: skip loading of saved sources if you only allow obfuscated connections
– changed: for uploadlimit > 16 one more Low-ID client is allowed to enter the upload
– changed: do not ask exit from command prompt (leuk_he)
– fixed official kad bug under vista (leuk_he/godlaugh2007)
– fixed an official crashbug when shutting down while AICH-Syncthread is running
– fixed an official crashbug: reapplied division by zero fix at taskbarnotifier
– fixed a bug when changing ports but don’t restart emule
– fixed an UPNP bug
– fixed an official bug: sometimes banning didn’t work properly
– fixed a bug if you got a IP with ends with 0

Download: eMule Xtreme 6.1 freeware
Screenshot: 1 2 3
Link: Home Page

  1. Yearsley says:

    There is an ending. Just remember that I meant for this to be an art game. I do feel like I spent an inordinate amount of time on the more traditional gameplay elements, which may make the meaning of the game a bit unclear. If you mess around with it though, you’ll find it.

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