Setup Studio 1.0.7

Posted: July 16, 2007 in Softwares

Setup Studio

Setup Studio – a revolutionary software that installs your PC in completely unattended automatic mode incl. security patches, drivers, programs and configuration, saving great amounts of your time and effort! Why reinstall Windows? Keeping today’s PC’s ecosystem is a complex task. Though there is a number of specialized programs to keep the system safe and clean, last generation of malware, spyware and rootkits puts your computer at risk all the time. Even if you use antispam, antispyware, antivirus and firewall combined as an ultimate protection, you can’t be 100% sure. Even Microsoft has acknowledged recently that it is impossible to be quite sure that the PC is not infected. By using Setup Studio unattended installation, you can periodically create a clean installation of Windows and thereby reduce the possibility of being exposed to security threats for a considerable period of time. Furthermore, regular reinstallations keep your computer in a great shape. With Setup Studio, you can reduce, or completely eliminate slowdowns, crashes and erratic behaviour.


Streamlined user interface
In order to make the orientation and task selection easier, Setup Studio is divided into modules. It is an integrated, yet modular system for all tasks necessary to create an unattended (silent) installation CD/DVD (also called “pre-installation media” by big OEM’s such as Dell, HP etc.).

Installation engine
Setup Studio uses a specialized GUI engine for unattended installation that is launched at the moment the basic Windows setup is completed. The engine installs and sets up everything – from patches and programs to advanced tasks. At the same time, it can run in an interactive diagnostic mode allowing for better error detection and debugging. It was specially designed for enthusiasts trying to bring their project to perfection.

Automatic detection and prevention
Setup Studio detects your Windows build and adjusts itself accordingly. The Hotfixes module prevents from adding wrong security patches to the project. Built-in support and program detection based on MD5 hash for hundreds of programs also help to avoid errors in installation switches.

Driver packs and mass storage drivers support
Installing Mass storage drivers for non-standard HDD IDE controllers is a Windows Setup complication. Now it is trivial to add a mass storage driver. The integration is done in a background. Setup Studio also supports adding drivers from Driver packs. These are particularly helpful for building a reference technician CD/DVD that should have support for widest range of devices such as motherboards and other hardware.

Built-in burning module
While there is number of media burning programs, creating bootable CD/DVDs is not the easiest of tasks. Still it is necessary to ensure that your project CD/DVD is perfectly bootable. With built-in burning and bootable CD/DVD support you don’t have to worry. Burning your project in Setup Studio is absolutely simple, virtually a click of a button [view full features list]

* This release contains enhancements in reporting and item description in Setup Studio report.

Download: Setup Studio 1.0.7 shareware
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