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Vegas BBQ – Burn, PC, Burn

Posted: May 30, 2007 in Technology

Picture a beautiful sunset over the desert, the glow of the Vegas skyline in the distance. Then a towering wave of flames leap into the air that crackles with the heat — a man just set his computer on fire. And I’m not talking about a little fire. This was a 1,700-degree blaze that engulfed ioSafe’s network attached storage device with four hard drives inside.

Come on… How many of us have had violent fantasies about setting our computers ablaze at one time or another? Well, this wasn’t one of those situations, but it sure was a heck of a lot of fun to watch. And what was more interesting was that once they put the fire out and cooled the box down a bit, the ioSafe guys were able to retrieve the data that was on the hard drives inside. No, seriously. I’m not even kidding. They put the hard drives in a new machine, fired them up (pun intended), and pulled up the information. Good as new.

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News source: InformationWeek

What are you waiting for……. go and burn your PC.

A Team Leader should always give the credit to his/her sub-ordinates when they achieve the task successfully.

In June 2008, Microsoft Corporation plans to make DirectX 10-compliant graphics cores compulsory for personal computers carrying the “Windows Vista Premium” logo. The software giant hopes to boost popularity of its new operating system among gamers and a new application programming interface among game developers. That means, if Microsoft gets its way, DirectX 9-compliant graphics cores will only be found inside low-cost “Windows Vista Capable” systems.

Currently, a “Windows Vista Capable” PC should include at least a 800MHz CPU, 512MB of system memory as well as a DirectX 9-compliant graphics processor. At the same time, “Windows Vista Premium” PC should feature at least a 1.0GHz microprocessor, 1GB of memory, a DirectX 9.0-compliant graphics adapter that supports pixel shader 2.0 with 32-bit precision and equipped 128MB of memory, 40GB hard disk drive with 15GB free space, DVD-ROM drive, audio output and Internet access capability.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

Apple has released a security update for QuickTime 7.1.6, fixing two issues in the way the media player works on the Java platform. The most serious of these problems could give criminals a way of taking control of an unpatched computer, Apple said in a security alert: “By enticing a user to visit a Web page containing a maliciously crafted Java applet, an attacker can trigger the issue which may lead to arbitrary code execution.” The second bug is considered to be less critical, but it could allow an attacker to have a look into the Web browser’s memory and lead to the disclosure of sensitive information, Apple said.

Download Security Update: for Windows (1.1MB) | for Mac (1.4MB)
Link: Security Alert
News source: InfoWorld

Apple released iTunes 7.2 updated in the Mac OS X Software Update tonight, which offers support for “iTunes Plus”, Apple’s new DRM-free $1.29 offerings announced in April.

Despite the software update, the Apple iTunes Store itself does not show any DRM-Free music currently available for purchase. The DRM-Free launch will likely occur later this morning (Wed, May 30th).

From the iTunes Help, it appears you will be able to upgrade your existing songs to the iTunes Plus (DRM Free) version:

The iTunes Store also offers songs without DRM protection, from participating record labels. These DRM-free songs, called “iTunes Plus,” have no usage restrictions and feature higher-quality encoding.

The first time you buy an iTunes Plus song, you specify whether to make all future purchases iTunes Plus versions (when available). You can change this setting by accessing your account information on the iTunes Store.

If you already have iTunes Store purchases that are now available as iTunes Plus downloads, you may upgrade your existing purchases. To do so, visit the iTunes Store and follow the onscreen instructions.
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Computer Technologies

Posted: May 19, 2007 in Technology

New webpage added related computer technologies.

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Give others a chance to judge you so that they will know about your strengths indirectly. Sometimes silence can be “GOLDEN“.

The same concept applies to customer service also.

Moral: Wait for the right chance to show your skills.

Microsoft has announced the alpha version launch of a new product called Popfly, a tool designed to help non-programmers in creating, sharing, and embedding mashups of content, feeds, web pages and gadgets. The tool is web-based and allows you to drag and drop “blocks” onto a working surface and connect various data sources together. Once you create a mashup, Popfly allows you to publish it directly to your space as a gadget using the “Add to Windows Live Spaces” link. Popfly is free for 25MB of storage and requires Silverlight to function. It supports Mozilla Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher as well as JavaScript, AJAX libraries, HTML, XHTML, CSS, WMV, WMA, MP3, Visual Studio Express projects, JPG, PNG, GIF, and EXEs.

Video: Popfly screencast
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Link: Microsoft Popfly | Invitation Thread
News source: Windows Live Spaces Blog

Examples Of Body Language

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Motivating Mantra

Posted: May 13, 2007 in Personality Development

Motivating Mantra:

There are millions of others who’d like to be in my shoes. I should count myself lucky that I have the power to bring a change in the world, however miniscule that might be.