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Think twice, thrice or take time before you proceed with any decision and once the decision is taken never think back again.

Ryan Fitzgerald is unemployed, lives with his father and apparently has enough time for 5,000 people he doesn’t know. The 20-year-old Fitzgerald posted a video on YouTube with his cell phone number, after which he received more than 5,000 calls and text messages. Fitzgerald said he wanted to “be there,” for anyone who needed to talk. “I never met you, but I do care,” a spiky-haired Fitzgerald told the camera. He planned to take and return as many calls he could, but on Monday at 5 a.m., his T-Mobile cell phone payment will begin charging him for his generosity when he is no longer eligible for free weekend minutes.

I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do about it. Come Monday, no way I’m going to just hang up on people and say, ‘I don’t have the minutes.’ Some people’s own mothers won’t take the time to sit down and talk with them and have a conversation. But some stranger on YouTube will. After six seconds, you’re not a stranger anymore, you’re a new kid I just met.” Fitzgerald, who said people consider him “easy to talk to,” was inspired by Juan Mann’s YouTube video offering “Free Hugs” to strangers.

Trade publication Home Media Magazine has released figures, based on studio estimates and Nielsen VideoScan point-of-sale data, which conclude that in the first quarter, 70% of high definition movies were in the Blu-ray Disc format and 30% were HD DVDs. More specifically, from January 1-March 31, consumers bought almost 1.2 million high-definition discs (832,530 Blu-ray units and 359,300 HD DVDs). Blu-ray reportedly took the lead in February, and its percentage of total sales accelerated to the point where it accounted for nearly three out of every four high-definition discs sold in March (335,980 Blu-ray discs vs. 119,570 HD DVD discs).

Research also shows that eight of the 10 top-selling high-definition titles in the first quarter were on Blu-ray Disc. At the top of the list was “Casino Royale”, which sold through to consumers an estimated 59,680 units in the period. Warner Home Video released “The Departed” on February 13, in both formats. The Blu-ray Disc edition of the movie finished second (53,640 copies sold by end of March 31), while the HD DVD version of that Oscar-winning film placed third (31,590 copies).

HD DVD launched in April 2006, while Blu-ray got rolling two months later. Since then, more than 2.14 million discs have been purchased by consumers: 1.2 million Blu-ray Discs and about 937,500 HD DVDs.

Source: eWeek

Terri Forslof, manager of security response at 3Com’s TippingPoint division, which rewarded $10,000 to security researcher Dino Dai Zovi after finding a flaw for Apple’s Safari browser in last week’s CanSecWest security conference, has disclosed that the vulnerability actually lies in the way Apple’s QuickTime Media Player works with the Java programming language. QuickTime runs on both Windows and the Mac, meaning both operating systems can be attacked.

The bug “is the equivalent to a ‘click and you’re owned’ vulnerability,” said Forslof. Because the flaw has not been publicly disclosed, it is not considered to be a significant threat to QuickTime users. Dai Zovi, who lives in New York, used a URL to expose the hole. He said he has reported at least eight security vulnerabilities to Apple and has had “nothing but positive interactions” with the company.

Source: PC World

10 Tips for Dealing With Difficult People
Do you know any difficult people? Ever worked or lived with a difficult person? If you answered no to both questions, you’re probably not gettin’ out much! Seriously though, sooner or later we’re all in the position of dealing with difficult people. Whether we’re managing difficult employees, or dealing with a tiresome co-worker. Here are 10 easy tips you can put into practice immediately for dealing with difficult people.

1) Accept, change, or reject:
Know that ultimately you only have three choices in a difficult situation, and when dealing with difficult people:
A) Accept the situation knowing it may never change.
B) Attempt to change your relationship with them by first changing how you perceive them, and how you react.
C) Reject. In other words, if the situation with this difficult person is really affecting your well-being, it may be time to reject the situation and move on.

2) Don’t lose emotional control.
When dealing with difficult people like antagonists, who purposely press your buttons, it’s imperative to stay calm. These folks are purposely trying to rattle your cage and ruffle your feathers. Don’t give them the reaction they’re trying to elicit from you.

3) Think before you speak.
Once those words are out they’re pretty hard to take back. And most likely, you have to live or work with these difficult people every day.

4) Listen more, talk less.
Let them vent – within reason. Listening is the number one tool in communication, especially when dealing with difficult people. You know people who just need to vent. Often, once you’ve let them vent, they’re more likely to listen to you because they’ve gotten it all out of their system.

5) Step back and analyze the situation from an outside perspective.
When we’re less emotionally involved and cool our jets, the answers come for how to effectively deal with these difficult people.

6) Write in a journal.
Keep a pad of paper and a pen in your car. Whenever you’re afraid you might say something you’d regret, go to your car and write out everything you’d like to say but never could. Writing is a cathartic, physical way of getting it out of your system. When you arrive home, tear it up or burn it. You wouldn’t want them to find it and become MORE difficult!

7) Consider taking a seminar on dealing with difficult people.
Practicing effective conflict-resolution skills is important both in the business world and in your personal life. Success is determined not just by what you know, or who you know, but by how well you get along with others.

8 ) If you’re a manager, supervisor or team leader, consider training everyone in conflict-resolution.
One of the main reasons teams fail is because the people on the team don’t like each other. It’s not necessarily the whole team. All it takes is a conflict between two people. And if they’re not trained effectively in communication and conflict-resolution skills, they start focusing more on personalities than on completing projects.

9) In dealing with difficult people, sometimes you get what you give.
Swallow your pride and give sincere, warranted appreciation to these difficult people when they deserve it. Sometimes difficult people are difficult because they feel under appreciated.

10) Choose your battles.
Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy? There are times when you won’t get your way. Let it go. Know when to speak up and when to move on when dealing with difficult people.

“Part of the happiness of life consists not in fighting battles, but in avoiding them. A masterly retreat is in itself a victory.” Norman Vincent Peale

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Goal Setting

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Once should not have jealousy on others. If this repeats continuously, some or other day it will teach us a good lesson for our life.

Hectic Day

Posted: April 20, 2007 in General

Yup! today was a hectic day at my job. Competition is tough, even though we should not step back.

.:: Communication is what lubricates human relationships ::.

“Experience teaches only the teachable.” – Aldous Huxley

The use of evidence is an essential part of an effective presentation. A question often in the mind of audience members, albeit one that may seldom be expressed, is, “Why should I believe you?” It is not the audience’s responsibility to be convinced, rather, it is responsibility of the presenter to convince the audience. The greatest tool with which we might do this is the evidence we’ve discovered that made us believers in the first place. This list provides a great model for the successful delivery of any such information that may help sell your case and conviction:

  • Demonstrations
  • Examples
  • Facts
  • Exhibits
  • Analogies
  • Testimonials
  • Statistics

Brico Pack Vista Inspirat Theme

Posted: April 8, 2007 in Softwares

BricoPack Vista Inspirat is a free pack which modifies Windows XP system files in order to change its appearance and make it look like Windows Vista (the next operating system made by Microsoft).

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